Since this is going to be a year of Gods, with the upcoming singles of “Loki” and THOR’s latest adventure, “Love & Thunder”. Lets have some idea about the Father of these two Gods same as the mighty worrier and the gurdian of the ASGARDIAN RELM, ODIN THE BORSON.    

ODIN was the son of  BOR and the grand child of Buri the first god of ASGARD.His mother was  giantess Bestia and had two brothers named Vili & Ve  who  perished during the battle against Surtur the fire demon.

With the death of his brothers, Odin received their godly powers which enhanced his might known as Odinpower .

After his fathers death ,he ascend the Realm as the King and the Gurdian of the ASGARD .Then he formed the Crimson Hawks – the line of personal guards for his & ASGARDIAN’S protection.

ODIN  married  FRIGGA and fathered Balder, Thor & Vidar. During his battle against FROST GIANTS, he killed their leader King Laufey of Jotunheim and discovered Laufey’s son, Loki. Later he adopted this child as a his son though he betrayed him later. 

Odin & Sons

Odin protected the ASGARDIANS Realm for around thousand years from internal and external disputes. However, during one of his Odinsleeps,his realm was theft by Loki & expelled him. Thus his powers gradually fade away and Odin died in a manner of God and his spirit entered to  Valhalla. 

Odin's farewell


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