Will it be the biggest server failure of Facebook?

Social media down

The main three social media platforms under the Facebook company has faced severe global network failure for around two hours of time. Begins from around 21.00 (GMT+5.50).  

These three platforms include, Facebook and it’s messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram as well. 

The maintenance and technical teams are aware about these failure, how ever still in the process of figuring out the error.

Each platform has placed their awareness notes in the twitter as well.

Fb_Whatsapp_Insta down
Insta down
WhatsApp Down

Google related platforms including YouTube and other individual platforms like Telegram and Twitter are currently in it’s peak due to the failure of fb related social services. 

With their failure, millions of audience from these platforms are rushing to the twitter while looking for an answer and #facebookdown is becoming the trending topic in this platform.

Twitter who’s taking the maximum use of this incident is currently trolling the above services’ 😀 .


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