Second episode of the Disney’s What if?… was dedicated to the late actor Chadwick Bosman who played the character of Wakandan price T’Challa aka Black Panther. This was the final appearance of T’Challa in MCU universe where he becomes the “Star Lord” of the Guardians of the Galaxy saga.     

T'Challa What if Starlord Peter Quill Guardians of the galaxy

Here we discussed how the Wakandan’s hero surpassed the Peter Quill’s Star Lord character. 

T'Challa was properly raised & much Considerate

One of the main fact we all know about T’challa over Peter Quill , is his royalty who raised with the affection and guidance of his father king T’Chakka and his family.Due to the proper guidance, he was forged to be more considerate on others lives, than the much self-centered Peter Quill who was kidnapped by Yondu Udonta in the main time line as for the instructions of his Celestial father “Ego”.    

T'Challa was a born explorer

T'Challa the Explorer

In addition, T’Challa was a born explorer. His burning desire to explore new areas was the main reason, where he was seized by the Ravagers and his collaboration with Yondu to explore the Universe.

On the other hand Peter Quill, who’s mother was killed by an implanted tumor of his Celestial father was just a desperate and sadden wept kid who had no exploring desire but only to grief, when he was being abducted.

Although T’Challa was an explorer, he loved his family and always wanted to return back to Wakanda. However Peter had no intention to return back to Earth. 

T'Challa is loved & respected through out Universe

Korath bowing T'Challa

Unlike Peter Quill in main time line, T’Challa as the Star-Lord is famous thorough out the Universe and everyone respects him and consider him as a “Robin hood” who robs from rich and feed the poor. 

Even the title “Star-Lord” is well esteemed in the “What if?….” universe, while it was just a fancy name given by Peter Quill to him self during the Guardians of the Galaxy Universe. Korath’s reaction to T’Challa as the star-lord and his reaction to Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy clearly proves it.

Everywhere T’Challa goes he is warmly welcome and honored while Quill didn’t receive no such warmth and considered as a bandit who is either in debt to some one or can not be trusted. 

T'Challa had immense positive effect on every one he met

His goodness and kind heart had an immerse effect towards the almost all the living beings in the universe. While avoiding the Kree invasion and protecting Drax family and his planet up to preventing  geocide plan of Thanos to wipe the half of the living beings in the universe, literally by talking and this strong argument made “The Mad Titan” to give up his evil plan & even to embrace T’Challa as his leader.   

T'Challa & Ravagers

Changing the Thanos in to a good spirit is the most epic event in this series while avoiding the murder of Gamora for the “Soul Stone” and preventing Nebula becoming ruthless killing machine as well.

T'Challa is highly intelligent, tactical & patient

T’Challa’s patience, tactics and intelligent clearly far out weights Peter Quill. His maturity and patience can be seen in What if?… time line & the Black Panther saga as well. Forgiving his father’s murder Helmut Zemo was one such incident.

T'Challa vs Zemo

On the other hand Peter Quill didn’t have such patency, where his arrogance against Thanos, after hearing the death of Gamora has led to seize the victory from Avengers and vanishing half of the entire life including him self during the Infinity saga.

Thanos vs Peter Quill

Since T’Challa did not embraced Black Panthership, he didn’t gain any super human powers as well as the physique unlike Peter Quill who was a half celestial. However had much more courage, agility and tactical mind than Quill.

His plan against “The Collector” to secure the Embers of Genesis to feed the universe, is truly mesmerizing. 

However we can not directly accuse Peter Quill for his self-centric nature and the actions caused later on due to his poor behavior. He was just a lonely boy when he was being apprehended and the character he build was inspired by the once around him.

On the other hand, Wakandan’s are raised to help others in need & it was clearly visible T’Challa as the Star Lord in the alternate universe of What if?… series.



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