The Aquaman - jason mamoa
The DC super hero movies have taught us that super heroes could be born in anywhere. Most of us dream to become a person who helps others wearing super hero suit along with a mask. This is about the super hero from the sea, King Arthur the King of Atlantis.

The real world Aqua man is Jason Mamoa, the sexiest man alive and a famous celebrity. The former Game of Thrones Star got famous because of the role of Khal Drago, but lot of people used to say that this star couldn’t speak English at all. Later on he got even more famous because of Justice League and Aqua Man. He proved that he can speak English very well.

How old is he?

Jason Mamoa was born on 1st of August 1979. His father was a Hawaiian and mother was an American. His parents got separated when he was just a kid and his mother raised him on her own in Lowa, United states. Jason managed to keep a very close relationship with his mother and he wanted to become a good father to his kids one day.

This 6 feet 5 inches tall man has a 50-inch chest and 19-inch biceps.

Climbing and surfing are two main hobbies of Jason.

Jason has a scar on his left eye-brow because of a fight in a bar. That scar has made him even more handsome.

Childhood and Teenager life of Jason mamoa

Jason Mamoa grew up watching the Character Denise Huxtable (Lisa Benot) on a popular television series 

At age of eight he saw Lisa on his TV screen and said ‘’mommy I want that one’’.

He had a crush on her for years.

Lisa-Benot films

In 1999 he landed on a role on the series BAYWATCH HAWAII. Then he met 26 year old Actress. They began to date and Simone financially supported Jason.

In 2004, he entered to a full time role in Television show NORTH SHORE. Later on, when he became financially stable, he  proposed Simone in 2004. They planned to have their wedding in 2007. But he was too young to get married and he was reckless and out of control.

Aqua Man Jason Mamoa with Simone
Aqua Man Jason Mamoa with lisa bonet

During the same year he got invited to a Los Angeles Jazz club. Lisa Bonet, who was 12years older than Jason and his long term crush also got invited for this gathering.

 Suddenly his personal life was going in a different direction when Lisa was introducing herself to him. He was so happy. End of the day Jason realized that Lisa was not only his childhood crush, she is the one for him.

Who is Lisa Bonet?

Lisa was a celebrity who was famous because of TV series.

She met an upcoming artist Lenny Kravitz when she was really famous.

They tied the knot when she was 20 years old and gave birth to a baby daughter in December 1990.

They separated in 1991 because of the rumours of Lenny’s affairs with singer Madonna and multiple women. Reportedly she got fired from her television show and she changed her name to Lilakoi Moon.

 In 1993 she filed for divorce.

Lisa and jason mamoa

Later on, Jason was spending tie with Lisa behind Simone’s back. 

In 2006 Jason abruptly dumped Simone. It was a 7 year long relationship.

 In 2007, paparazzi cameras photographed Lisa strolling through flea markets in Pasadena California looking heavily pregnant.


Somewhere in July 2007 Lisa’s water broke long before her expected due date. Jason was in Canada for a filming and he had 70 missed calls from her and he rushed to airport. Lisa gave birth to their daughter Lola safely.

In 2008 Lisa gave birth to a baby boy named Nicola.

Lisa wanted to focus on motherhood but Jason encouraged her to return to the film industry. The couple filmed THE ROAD TO PALOMA which was a Jason’s movie. The same year they co-starred on the Sundance TV series THE RED ROSE.

After 13 years they tied the knot on November 2017.

If they are not working, family can be found on their five acre property where they on a donkey, two wolves, and python.

Aqua Man Jason Mamoa with lisa bonet

Did you ever thought that Aqua man is a married man and a father of two kids? Lot of girls see him as a handsome guy not as a father. He is a father and a great husband who attached to his family a lot and love them unconditionally no matter what.   Tweet


It is really hard to be friends with a man who loved your wife and being with her for a time period, but can you imagine a guy who are friends with his wife’s ex-husband? Jason has a great relationship with Lisa’s daughter Zoe Kravitz who is 10 years younger to him and ex-husband Lenny Kravitz . 
Even though these types of relationships are very complicate and do not accept in Asian countries, Europe countries and other English countries accept them. This man has proved that love does not depend on age and the colour of the skin. A relationship should be pure and transparent to each other too. Every human being is willing to have relationships which make their hearts happier. 


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