WhatsApp introduce reactions for messages


WhatsApp introduce new update on messages in chats. Now you can react on messages form the sender and from the receiver end also.

Reacting for a message was a major issue for the WhatsApp users. Most of the time we had to reply with a sticker for the reaction that we want to send.

For this issue WhatsApp comes with a major update reactions on messages. 

As in Facebook you now you can react to the message with following options.

Just tap and hold on the message that you want to react
You can also see who reacted to your message by just tapping on the reactions 

If you did not get this option in WhatsApp please update the app to the latest version.

Since this was a major update , it is preatty sure this will impact on the use of sticker in the whatsApp chats 

So what are your thoughts on this ?


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