Victoria’s secret is an American designer, manufacturer and a marketer for Womenswear and beauty products.

Victoria’s Secret also known as the world’s best bras and the sexiest panties and lingerie brand. They has become a household name with worldwide notoriety. Among famous under garment brands like Clovia, Zivame, Next, Bwitch, Enamor, Mark & Spencer, Amante, Victoria’s Secret has become a premier enter

The company was founded to make men feel comfortable when buying lingerie.

 Roy Raymond found the company in San Francisco, California in June 1977. He did this because he was embarrassed when he was purchasing lingerie for his wife. 

Roy Raymand

The Victoria's Angels...

Other than the Victoria’s Secret womenswear, glamourous Victoria’s angels are more popular as celebrities around the world.

Their yearly event is the most watched fashion show, but 2019 Victoria Secret show was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances.

All women go crazy for the Victoria’s secret outfits.

In every year they have a show which they promote their newest lines. Also the fashion show costs a huge amount. This one hour event costs more than 12 million dollars together and it takes almost the entire year to plan it.

Are you confident with what you are wearing?

There is a fantasy bra worth 15 million dollars which was unveiled in 2000. It was worn by Gisele Bundchen the famous Angel and it was ranked as the most expensive bra in the world. Also this model became the first billionaire model in the world.

Every year some models are selected to wear specially designed bra made by diamonds and other valuable gems.

fantasy bra

Story of Victoria’s Angels....

Being a model is not easy. Being an angel is even harder. To be an angel a young girl should have a well maintained body because angels are extra ordinary models in the industry.

 Not every model can become an angel. Angels don’t just get casted based on your looks and the catwalk. There needs to be more than that to become an angel.

 To become an angel, a girl should have a
  • Height of 5’9
  • Waist should be not more than 24
  • Even body fat should be 18% when a normal women’s body is above 20%.

An athlete’s body fat is 18%-20%. It means an angel should train as an athlete.  Working on their fitness is the most popular among the models in every pageant. For angels ballet makes them look sculpted and strong without bulk. Other exercises that done by angels mostly are boxing and spin classes.

Victoria’s Angels

Victoria's Angels Diet

Angels must think about their diet before a show. Some angels survive with light diets or heavy diets for months before the shows while some are on liquid diets.

Victoria’s secret models have to be very confident with their body weight and the outfit. They have to maintain their body because it shows a lot of skin when they are wearing swim wear and night wear and walking on the runway in front of 1000’s of people.

Victoria’s secret models workouts


Victoria’s secret models with outfits

Most of the angels used to have a healthy diet like green lean proteins, chicken breast and grilled fish. Also they used to eat an egg white omelette for breakfast or oatmeal with some fruit when leading the show.

Before a show the angels work out a lot and on the day of the show they get lot of snacks and delicious food. Angels wait until the end of the show.

Also these angels need to have the ability to lift up weights, because they have to lift up feathers which are really heavy.

Heidi Klum wore the biggest wings in show history. It was 12 feet high.

All the angels’ looks alike on a runway with different types of outfits. It’s all because the conditions they have and the commitments they do for their profession.

The runaway of the fashion shows are elegant. Some artist also perform in these fashion shows once a year.

Personal Life...

Even though angels get married and have kids, if they are comfortable with the contracts and conditions by the Victoria’s secrets and sure about the workouts and their fitness, they still can be an angel. Their partners and husbands are very supportive and help them in different stages to remain as an angel.

Once a girl becomes an angel parties late night after signing contracts are not allowed. Models are expected to be responsible and professional.

High-end models get paid $ 100,000 for the show.

9 out of top 10 highest paid models in the world work with Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s secret models having Babies

Some famous Angels

1.Adriana Lima is the longest serving angel. This Brazilian angel has walked on 15 runways since 2000 who is already retired.


2.Youngest Victoria’s secret model is Tayler hill who is 19 years old.

Victoria’s secret model Tayler hill

3.The oldest is Alessandra Ambrosio who is 34 years .


4.Miranda Kerr also an angel with blue eyes who is an Australian. She became an Angel in 2007.


5.Candice Swanepoel is a highest earning model and a most popular angel. This South African Angel wore the fantasy bra for 2013 fashion show.


At the end,

Wearing a bikini and walking on a runaway is not easy for women. Women must be courageous, brave and confident. Not all women have these qualities in their lives due to various reasons. According to the society and the culture, being a model is not a good profession for a women in Sri Lanka. Every woman should stand on their own and lead to path they dream of.

Article by – Kajini


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