“She is pretty, mischievous, kind & very innocent…..But you , you are brilliant, fierce, humorous & a total bitch. When both of you are with me, the Ideal Woman  is Created” – Charles Marston


Wonder Woman is a character created by Dr. William Moulton Marston aka Charles Moulton.

He was a professor in psychology. An inventor of the early prototype of the lie detector or the modern polygraph along with his psychologist wife Elizabeth Holloway 

During his carrier at the Tufts University, he met his student Olive Byrne. Who later become his polyamorous life partner as well as the inspiration to build the character of Wonder Woman.

With the beginning of this “Love Triangle”, the whole world of Marston family become inverted. Even losing his job at the University, had to bear the public humiliation & rejection as well.

Thus this family had to lead a undercover life, where Dr Marston tried to succeed as a comic writer. At this point the idea of a female super hero sprung in Marston’s mind inspired by the qualities of his wife & his partner .

This comic sequel was published in Sensation Comics.

Though the Wonder Women franchise glows the entire DC Comic Universe today. It wasn’t easy to bringing up of this character in a male dominant super hero world.

And you should remember, in 1940’s Society never appreciated comic writing ,they  neglected and humiliated the writers. Therefore, we should appreciate the great commitment of Dr. Marston & his family for bringing up this amazing character.

This story behind Wonder Woman & the love twist of Dr.William Marston  has recreated in Movie named Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”.

Do you appreciate Dr.Marston’s effort?

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