Vesak Festive, little engineer

Vesak festival is the most enlightened religious festival celebrated by the World wide Buddhists. Out of the all these nations who celebrate this festival, Sinhalese, the people of Sri Lanka can be considered as the one who celebrate it in most delightful way. On this day, they enlight their houses, roads and cities with beautiful Vesak decos,including Pendals, Lanterns and so on.

Making of such elegant Vesak by own is a dream of every boy in this land. However most of them limit their desire upon making a simple Vesak Lantern. While others explore more, until their dream come true. On this point, birth of the little engineer takes place.    

The little engineer

When he learn to make a Vesak lantern, his next hope will be to make a rotating lantern with splashing lightning. Then he begins to think how to make it rotate while avoiding the twisting of light wires.

Little engineer
Little engineer

Then he learns about the Flasher drum and the razors to rotate the lantern. He will then look for every nook and corner to collect required parts. Finding these parts at local workshops won’t be easy. Although, he may find the required equipment to rotate the lantern, controlling it’s speed would be something has to learn.

Flasher Drum - the local circuit

Flasher drum is a wooded log or a drum made of wooden planks. It is embossed with metal stripes to get required lightning design in the light circuit. 

Flasher Drum, little engineer
flasher drum Vesak

When designing the flasher drum, our little engineer has to visualize the lighting patterns. As same as the motors in lanterns, he has to control the speed of the flasher drum as well. Later he will learn about the gear boxes that can be used for this purpose.

From all these experiences, he will polish his skills. Not only that at the end, Our small engineer may set a beautiful Vesak pandal or Vesak lantern that will appreciate by everybody.


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