iron-dome-Israeli's invisible guardian

The conflict between Israel & Palestine has bounce back after seven years, while Israeli’s advanced air defense system named “Iron Dome” has attracted whole world towards it. 

When did the conflict begin?

Being the only Jewish land in middle east, they were attacked by the armies of Arab league as soon as they freed from British in 1948. At this point, UN has intervened with a 4 week cease fire which worked in favour of Israel. As soon as cease fire ended, Israel launched counter offensive, where the military training was given to the selected group of civilians of the society. Thus the self protection has become one main aspect of Israli’s Society. 

Need of an anti-missile system arisen

Hizbullah, a terrorist group based on Lebanon has launched air attacks targeting the nothern Israel in 90’s, reminding them the need of an air defense system. 

With the continuous air strikes from other Arabic countries, this requirement has to be full-fill immediately. Thus researches have begun on the possibility of developing such system with the leadership of Brig. Dr.Daniel Gold. He was the head of Israeli’s National Cyber Research & Development Commission.

Dr. Daniel Gold

Haifa Turning Point

At the beginning, no one care much about the air defense system. However, the Haifa attack which took place in 2006 made them think back about Daniel Gold’s commitment. 

Israeli government had asked from their weapon developing industries for the proposals of possible air defense system, which can avoid not only rockets but also the shell attacks, grad missiles & other air strikes that came even from Hamas organization, who ruled the Gaza stripe.    

Rafael Industries & Iron Dome Defense system

The air defense system proposed by the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems won the bid, on the simplicity of their design as well as the reputation they hold for developing advanced Defense systems for years.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Components of a single Air Dome unit

1.RADAR SYSTEM developed by iai
IAI-Elta-MMR_01-iron dome

The RADAR system used here is developed by a Co-organization of the ISRAEL AERO-SPCE INDUSTRIES named ELTA.

This RADAR can identify the nature of air strike, it’s incoming direction & speed in minutes. Thus,it’s the main reason behind the highest efficiency and success of the iron Dome system.   

2.Battle management & control system

This is the main control system which takes the decisions on the data received from ELTA RADAR system. It is developed by the mPrest organization.

This system can perform quick calculations regarding the direction of incoming airstike,damage it can caused & how to avoid it. BMC can perform under any weather condition.

Battle Management Control System(BMC)
3.Tamir misiles from Rafael
Tamir missile
Iron Dome's Tamir missile afterburner

Since most of the air strikes coming to the Israel are of primary rockets, small and low cost missiles are ideal to confront & destroy them. Tamir is a small sized missile with around 6’inch diameter & 10ft tall. This missile explodes in the vicinity of the enemy missile with out hitting it. 

How Iron Dome System works

Single iron dome unit is a combination of all three components. They are movable & can be installed with in few hours. 

The complete Iron Dome shield is made of 10 of these single iron dome units.

Though USA & Russia pocessed of much advanced air defense systems, non of them have  intercepted over 2500 rockets & have a success rate of 90% like this Iron Dome shield. Which contributes for around 10years at the forefront of Israel’s security protecting towns, cities & preventing extensive property damage and saving lives.


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