Do you know Thomas Alva Edison??

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla???

If the answer for 1st one is “Yes” & 2nd is “No”,
Then this Article is absolutely for you….

young Tesla

Early life of tesla

He was born in 10th of June 1856 in Croatia to a Siberian family. Since he was born in a night with a lightning storm, he was known as “ The Boy born from Lightning”.

His father was an Orthodox priest & mother managed family’s farm.

Tesla took his higher education in Mathematics & physics from University of Graz & in philosophy from University of Prague.

In 1882, while in a walk he got the idea of brushless AC motor. He was able to move to Paris for a job as a technician of motor repairing in DC power plants. Belong to the Continental Edison Company.

Tesla moving to new-york

He was hired as an engineer at  Edison’s Company in 1884 & worked there for a year in Edison’s project.

Tesla & Edison

Once Edison asked Tesla to provide improved modification design for his DC dynamos & promised to give him $50000.

After the months of experiments he provided a solution. However when he asked for the money, Edison mocked him & refused to give it.

Soon after he departed from Edison.

Tesla & Westinghouse


After a parting from Edison,Tesla tried to establish his own Tesla Electric Light Company, but failed. However, he found backers to support his researches, George Westinghouse was prominent of them. He was the main competitor of Edison for the “Battle of the Current”.

The cut-throat of tesla vs edison

Edison’s DC [Direct Current] was very expensive then & needed power stations nearby even to cover short area. Also due to higher rate of break downs, they needed frequent repairing.

Tesla’s AC [Alternating Current] was much cheaper & free from the cons or defects of DC.

Popularity of AC over DC was a threat to Edison’s business. Thus at once he tried to demonstrate the danger of AC by putting convicted murderer into dead using AC powered electric chair.

 Tesla replied him by demonstrating “The experiment of Tesla coil”. Where he let 250,000V to pass through him while, proving the safety of his invention i.e. AC. [Due to the higher frequency of the Current it only travels on the surface of Tesla’s body]

Tesla coil experiment

Tesla's prominent inventions

AC Induction Motor
radio trasmission

Also he was pioneered in building the one of the 1st AC supported Hydro power plant at Niagara Falls. Under collaborating with Westinghouse Company.

His finAL DAYS

One of the prominent idea of Nikola Tesla was to light up whole world.

With this intention he design to build famous   Wardenclyffe tower & laboratory where he intended to use Earths magnetic field to transmit current wirelessly.


For this project Tesla was founded by J.P Morgan, however as the funds ran away, Tesla had to give up on this & forced to give it to its creditors.

Since he was committed towards community instead of his gain, he had to live his final days in a New York’s hotel room diminishing both physical & mental health.

In 1943 he was found dead at the age 71.

Though he died poorly and lonely, the AC system he championed & Innovations he granted for the man-kind is still remarkable.


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