The intension of Justice League movie was to gather the Super heroes of DC universe to face against a common enemy. Flash who came from future, hinted this to Batman during Batman Vs Superman movie. 2017 JL movie, presented Steppenwolf as the common enemy. While totally neglecting the presence of Darkseid who was the main villain.

In Snyders Cut, the Villain who came to attack Earth, to collect Mother Boxes was non other, but younger version of Darkseid known as “UXAS“. But 2017 Justice League totally depends on Steppenwolf, who was the Admiral of Darkseid’s army.       

New Gods


The comic character of Darkseid was created by the talented comic creator, Jack Kirby in his comic saga called  Fourth World.

The one before New Gods were know as Old Gods & they lived in a planet called Urgrund. As a result of a huge war occurred in this planet, it gets destroyed & from that energy, two new planets & New Gods were born. 

One of these planet is like a heaven & it was known as New Genesis. One who lived in this  were peaceful set of Gods who appreciated free will & right to living.

The other one known as Apokolips  is a totally hell, where all the evil exists. Darkseid was born in this planet & he was the younger child of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra. His elder brother was Drax, who he killed to gain the Omega Force. This force made him cold hearted villian, where UXAS reborn as Darkseid.

Due to a conflict with his mother Heggra, he sentenced her to death & conquer the sole Monarch of Apokolips.   

Darkseid’s sole intension was to take control over every thing, eliminating their free will. He came to know, free will can be disrupted by solving the Anti-Life equation & gaining it’s power. 

He thought, the mechanism to solve this equation was in human mind. Thus he invaded Earth long before Justice league, with his 3 mother boxes. Amazons, Atlanteans & Man kind league together against the common foe , where he defeated & even left the Mother Boxes in Earth.  

Darkseid's main forces


He is the Darkseid’s uncle & currently worked as his Admiral. He first appeared in seventh episode of New Gods saga in 1972.

Darkseid's Admiral

He is Darkseid’s executioner in Apokalips who born in New Genesis & letter became Darkseid’s follower.He is the one who poisoned Darkseid’s love Suli as well as his mother Heggra. He first appeared in second episode of Forever People Comic in 1971.

Granny Goodness

She is a lutinent in Darkseid’s evil army. She first appeared in second chapter of Mister Miracle comic series. 

Darkseid is  the sixth most dangerous villian of comic world & one of the greatest enemy of DC Universe.

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