The Supreme Martial Artist

Marvel Shang-Chi sets Simu Liu

Although we have met several Asian worriers in MCU history, yet we haven’t met it’s supreme Kung-fu master.

This worrier is non other but Shang-Chi who possess the strength & skill, even to defeat Super humans.

Shang-chi is the son of the international crime lord Fu-Manchu. He was born in the fortress of Honan in China. Since from his childhood, he was  thoroughly trained with Kung-fu by his father & his masters.

During his young age, his father sends him to assassinate  one of him enemy in London. Mentioning   that this person disrupts peace. During this mission he met Sir Nelan Smith who reveals the truth about his father.

This companionship with this secret agent Smith, he is directed to fight against him own father.

Fu-Manchu who came to know about mission, names Shang as a traitor to his blood line. And attempt to end him.


The next new Marvel Super hero getting their own movie is Shang-chi
Shang-Chi super hero

During his fight against father, he faced against smugglers, gangsters, Super villains as well as with his half brother Midnight. However he is able to overcome all these challenges & to defeat his father. 

Powers and Skills

Unlike other super heros,Shang doesn’t have super human powers.But instill training,dedication make him the supreme martial arts master in the world. Despite of his expertise in swords, staves, nunchaku, and shuriken, he is able to use his Chi to strengthen his abilities & to control his emotions as well.


The character Shang-Chi was created by Steve Englehart & Jim Starlin. And introduced to the comics in 1973 from the Special Marvel Edition #15. This character is based on Asian martial art cult named KungFu. With it’s huge success, Shang reappeared in several other comic themes like Avengers, X-Men and Marvel Knights as well.  

His success in comics has paved the way for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where he will meet us in his single, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings.

Marvel Studios 'Shang-Chi'


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