With the failure of JUSTICE LEAGUE-2017 ,Warner Bros continuously refused the fans opinion on a Director’s edition for this movie. As if in Batman Vs Superman & Watchmen. Same as they never hope to release such edition although it prevails.

But the rebel began with a tweet of a strongly believer of a directors cut, under the hashtag #releasethesnydercut

This tweet got huge attention where the campaign become a rebel. Even the main actors of the movie, including Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Ben Affleck supported it.

Further more, they launched an online petition,  banner campaigns in public places & in bill boards to take more attention.

During this period, even Snyder support his fans by releasing images of his edition & promoting it in different places.  

The initial launching discussions of Snyder Cut, began in November 2019. With the presence of WB team and their latest streaming service HBO MAX ,in February 2020. WB officially announced the release of the Snyder Cut in their Streaming service.

Although they agreed to release it, at first they just want to release the directors cut finished so far. Since Snyder disagree with this, the fans got the chance to enjoy  full length of the movie with out  limitations.

Finally it has to be mentioned, on behalf of the service & dedication as a Director to the industry, Snyder was awarded with the “Valiant” award by the Hollywood Critics Association.  

For all these reasons Snyder Cut can be known as a movie of the Fans. And they won’t be stopped until the Snyder verse has be restored. #RestoreSnyderVerse.


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