Sri Lanka’s rising star, Yohani’s “Manika Mage Hithe” has already achieved a huge popularity through out the world, considering no border or limit.

Yohani's "Manike Mage Hithe ;: The Sri Lankan song

do you ever knew it was a cover song ?

Although Yohani’s version went viral worldwide, the original version of the song was a hit in Sri Lanka well before it’s cover. Owning 15 million YouTube views, which may be the reason why Yohani has chosen to sing. 

The original song is in “Sinhala” language, which is the mother tongue of Sri Lanka and  was sung by local artists, Satheeshan Rathnayake and Dulanja Alwis aka Dulan ARX. He was the lyricist and rapper of this song as well.

This Original one was released in 31st July 2020 under the “Aryans” music label. It’s music, mixing and mastering has done  by Sri Lankan music producer Chamath Sangeeth.

Unlike Yohani’s cover, the original consist of a cinematic music video as well. 

Manike Mage Hithe (මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ) | Satheeshan ft. Dulan ARX | Aryans Music | Music Video - YouTube

From the next article, we will present you the story tells in this musical video and it’s cute model. Stay tuned with us 😀 

Finally, what we are suggesting is, while watching Yohani’s cover, feel free to enjoy the original song as well.



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