2020 Mrs. World crown goes to Ireland after Caroline Jurie resign

Although she has given up her title due to her unnecessary interference in Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021 pageant, her talent & the personality is highly undoubtful.    

Women make the society and life colorful. But they give up on many things in different stages in their lives. Some used to live as prisoners and machines while some are enjoying their life to the most extent.  Most of the times women have to hide their true feelings just to live in their marriage life as a typical women or to live as a lady.

How many young ladies find the best for their life? How many fail to?

We all cherish love. Some people live a happy life because of the right and the best choice while some are not. Lots of such incidents are often in South Asian countries.

Who is Caroline jurie?

This is about a woman who won the world because she made the right choice. A woman is blessed to have a life  partner either a male or female in their life who respect, love, understand, and trust unconditionally. Not every one of them is lucky to have a cherished partner. Also not every woman want to win the world. Women need to be  happy and enjoy their life as a free human beings. They spend more than half of their life with the partner they choose or chosen for them in young ages and the life of a woman after marriage until she death depends on that chosen partner.

Mrs. World 2020-Wining moment

Mrs. World title is totally different from Miss World. It feels from the title Miss. and Mrs. The responsibilities are really high in married women’s life. To hold a title and to be a crowned, a woman should do a lot of sacrifices and have a supportive husband. 

In 1984 Rosy Senanayake held the Mrs. World title. She was 27 years old back then & now she is an active politician in Sri Lanka. After 35 years Caroline Jurie made Sri Lanka proud by winning the Mrs. World title for 2020 competing with 51 contestant

About Her..

  1. Caroline Lucy Anne Jurie born on 5th October 1992.
  2. She is a 27 years old young mother to a little daughter.
  3.  She married Nishantha Deepal in 2017 and currently lives in Wattala.
  4.  She has served as a Sales Executive at Virgin Mega Store in Dubai.
  5. She has studied in St. Sebastian Girls’ School, Kandana.
  6.  She won the Mrs. Sri Lanka World 2019 title and she won the mini pageants, Mrs. Personality, Mrs. Top Model, Mrs. Best figure too.
Ex Mrs. World 2020

Girls, think twice before getting married or decide on most valuable things for your life.

Don’t let your heart to decide everything. let the brain think and get the help from it and Stand up on your own feet. Marriage is not the only option that every girl has. Walk on your own path, convince your parents if they don’t let you to do what you like. May  one of us  become the next Mrs. World or next president.

Being a woman is not a restriction for your passion.

Mrs World 2020 winner – Caroline Lucy Anne Jurie with her husband and child

Update – The reason behind Caroline’s Throne snatching, said to be the violation of pageant rules(allegations of divorce) by the winner, Pushpika De Silva.

Image Sources –Sri Lanka Times


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