Mortal Kombat Universe was a creation of Ancient Gods. It was created as a combination of 15 Realms.

The Fifteen Realms.
  • Earthrealm
  • Out world
  • Zaterra
  • Vaeternus
  • Arnyek Island
  • Osh-Tekk
  • Hinpar
  • Edenia
  • Orderrealm
  • Chaosrealm
  • Netherrealm
  • Dreamrealm
  • Nightmarerealm
  • The Heavens
  • Rellim Ohcanep

Two Most Important Ruling Units of mortal kombat universe

Out world
Natives of Mortal Kombat’s Outworld

Ruler – Shao Kahn (Immortal God)


Emperor Shao Kahn has already defeated Earthrealm for nine times. It’s going to be the final chance of Lord Raiden & his worriers to protect the Earthrealm from falling. 


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