A human being is full of emotions. Human believes money brings all the happiness to life. In order to be a happy man, we all start to earn money as much as we can. Stating the money as the first priority of life, we forget everything that we treasured. 

Can money buy you Mental happiness?

Money, popularity, educational qualifications are a few elements of happiness. But nothing can be compared to a person’s proper mental health. A person who has a healthy and strong mentality, would choose the positive and happiness over negative and sadness. 

The world will utter various stories on us. World would give us plenty of reasons to give up on life but, we need to make our minds and have faith in our own selves. When a person is not mentally fit, the individual feels no one cares about them, feels sad, and sees the negative sides of life all the time.

“Happiest faces hide the saddest heart!” A person who seems as physically fit and shows that he is really happy must be going through different issues. In different stages, the outside world will only focus on the smile of that particular person. Even a small shock can let a man down, also, make him take his own life. After the loss of a human being the world will start to ask and question for reasons for his death and his personal attitudes towards death but not about his mentality, not about his pressured condition towards life.


Mental health is not a joke

 Do not make fun of people, do not let people down. The consequences will be the worst. Ignorance will become a massive disaster at a certain point. Once a loved one is gone, we won’t be able to take that valuable sole back, but we can help and protect before it is too late. Giving another chance to live will help to see life in a different view. Giving up on life is not the solution fighting for life should be the only option. Starting life in a new way would have the option of those who left us with a tragic end.

If money is the solution for happiness would these beautiful souls choose to hang themselves?

Robin Williams death: :Robin's Wish"
Chester Bennington picture

If you feel down,

Talk to somebody who understands you, who can feel you and read you. You would feel relaxed and will find solutions to your issues also, that person will help to see the world in a positive way.

Think again,

So, do money matters or mental health matters? Money is not the answer to everything and our happiness. It’s just an appetizer. Don’t let your heart make all the decisions all the time, give a chance to brain. The brain will let you see through the issues.
Have faith on you and Love yourself! 

Article by -Kajini


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