Lyrical meaning and story according to the original music video

In the previous article, we have acknowledged you about the origin and original artists of the  “Manike Mage Hithe” song, which has gone viral with Yohani’s cover.

Today, as we promised we are going to tell you about the story tells from it’s lyrics and the original music video.

Manike Mage Hithe_Cover

The love story of Manike....

The word “Manike” resembles mistress in Sinhala language. When Manike is on her way for a walk in a pleasing morning, she has been grabbed by a perverted thug.

However, not only the thug, a handsome gentleman too has been charmed by Manike’s beauty. When he detected the danger, Manike is in, he rushed to protect her and chased away the pervert.   

Manike_Mage_Hithe_girl walk

The Feeling that sprang in the boy’s mind on the first sight of this beauty, has given in ,

Manike Mage Hithe – Muduwe Nura Hagum yawii.. awilewii

Neriye Nube Nage – Mage Neth Eha Meha  yaawii… sihi wewii

Alas!!! the poor boy was mistaken 🙁 and the scene was an staged and all are actors and actresses’.

However, the boy isn’t that much unlucky. His gentleness and heroic action took Manike’s heart that she gave possitive sign to him. 

This idea is giving in the rap part of the song,

Oya dunna igiyata math wu – Bambareki Mama Thatu issu

Oya wata karagena res wu – roththen hitha ara gattu bambaraa…..

Above lyrics express, that this boy has become mad at Manika’s sign and thinks him self as a honey bee who achieved his queens heart, out of a cluster of other bees.

Although, both have positive vibes towards each other, girl takes time to express her love. However the restless boy want to hear it quickly and it is given from below lyrics,

Ithin epa mata nm wangu – gatha hitha numba magenma hangu 

Ale numbatama walangu – Manike Wennepa thawa sunangu 

Who is the cutie in Manike Mage Hithe Video?

Manike-Mage-Hithe girl Soya Di

A Sri Lankan model, actress and a video creator, Madushi Soysa, casts the roll of “Manike” in this video.

She stepped into the industry as a tiktokker under the name of “Soya Di” having a fan base over 300K and 2.5m likes.


Madushi Soysa_Soya Di_tiktok
Soya Di_tiktok

The 26 old model said to be a graduate of University of performing arts, has taken part in tv commercials, magazine cover shoots, soap drams, brand collaborations and in short films as well. 

For her tiktok ->>>>soyaa.di

The video of this song is produced under the banner of “Aryans Films” and it’s a direction of Hasitha Vithanage aka Hasitha Aryan.


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