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Since there is only few weeks left for the upcoming Loki series, here is a little insight about this God of Mischief.

According to the Marvel Comics & Cinematic Universe, Loki is the adopted son of the Odin of Asgard. In other words, he is the step brother of Thor.

Although he is one of the remaining Asgardian after the Thano’s attack. His origin flew back before 1000 years to Jotunheim, where he was born as the son of Frost Giant leader Laufey. Which was his backstory to be the Loki Laufeyson. During a battle between Asgardians & Frost Giants, little Loki was founded by Odin & later decided to adopt him.

We first meet this God of Mischief along side with his brother the god of thunder in movie Thor. A cunning trickster who had the ability to change his shape and sex. Lately as a hero who fight alongside with Avengers in the battle against Thanos to save the Universe.

How ever, thanks to his immortality, we can enjoy much more actions from this god of Mischief in his upcoming movie.

So Do You Like Him??

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