Spoiler alert: The third episode of Disney’s latest animated series, would be the most shocking episode of the series so far, which resembles the death of the almost all the first avengers squad.

"Marvels “What If” Poster Leak Teases “Guardians Of The Multiverse” On Disney Plus"

Luckily these events were taken place in a another Universe. However, these murders was a revenge of “Yellow Jacket” aka Hank Pym (creator of pym particles and ant-man suite) on behalf of his daughter’s(Hope) death. And this episode reveals the totally opposite of the “Furie’s Big Week” which assembles the first avengers in MCU main time line.

However, in this alternate Universe, the Avengers squad we already knew did not assemble & accordingly all the events taken place thereafter would have taken a much different form and the one who face those events might be the Heroes from each universe which we might see in the upcoming episodes of the What If?…. series and it would be the emerging of the “Guardians of the Multiverse” Squad. 

Whom we might find in the Guardians of the multiverse squad

What If...?: Every MCU Character Change; Timeline Revealed in the Trailer

Captain Carter

"Marvel's What If? Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar.

Peggy Carter as the Captain Carter has been introduced in the first Episode of What if?… series, Where she willingly takes the super serum which intended to be given to Steve Rogers same as the MCU main time line. 

She will be the super hero of her own time line. 

T'Challa the Star-Lord

What If...? T'Challa Transform The Galaxy as Star-Lord

In this alternate universe T’Challa the heir of the Wakandan throne & it’s guardian had been captivated by Yondu Udonta’s team, falsely identified as the Peter Quill, who becomes the Star-Lord in main MCU timeline.

However, unlike Peter Quill, T’Challa as the Star-Lord makes controversial impact on the all the events of this universe including, changing the Thanos the mad titan in to a good person, while preventing the massive genocidal plan & avoiding the End Game scenario as well. 

Captain Marvel

In the MCU main timeline, the only time “Furry” has summoned Captain Marvel was in Infinity saga. However, with in the third episode of the What if?… series, he has to summon her since the avengers were killed even before they assembled as a team.  

Marvel What If…? Episode 3 Breakdown Easter Eggs

Docter Strange Supreme

Dr Strange Supreme would be the one who identified the super heroes of other unverses other than the “Uatu the Watcher”.He would be the one to unite these new heroes to form the “Guardians of the Multiverse” team to withstand the evil forces.He would be introduced in the fourth or the latest episode of the What if?… series.

Uatu the Watcher

Although he has been telling us, as the watcher he will not, can not interfere in the events of Multiverse, other than observing them, one of the What if?… trailer tells otherwise. And as the final battle we will be able to see, the “Watcher” helping the other heroes to defeat ultron robot army.

Uatu the Watcher

In addition to these heroes we will be able to meet party Thor, Gamora, Vision, Captain Rogers and Wanda Maximoff as well.

Marvel What if?..upcoming episodes


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