Zulu Vs Wakanada

Wakanda is a mystic land in African continent with a heroic tribal nation who pocessed with advanced technologies, but hidden from the outer world. 

Any Marvel or MCU fan will identify this land and their nation in no time. On the other hand, Zulu land or the Empire was a kingdom in African Continent last till the end of the 18th century. It was a land of worriers who extend their power even beyond the African continent and it’s founder was the Shaka Zulu.

Their heroism, war tactics and skills were proven during battle of Isandlwana where they fought against the much powerful British Empire. It was the first and most notable victory of an African tribal nation against the Britains as well.  

Their war strategies had been developed since the reign of king Shaka. One such strategy was pincer movement with formation of horns and chest of a buffalo.  


01 – Enemy troops

02 – Horns of the buffalo which indicates the flanking right and left elements to surround the enemy and pin them. These were consisted with younger worrier troops.

03 – Chest of the buffalo indicates the central main force, consisted with main or the primary fighters who charge directly with enemy foe. 

04 – The loins of the animal indicates the reserve of the force which backed the main force and to reinforce the front-line as required. This consist with experienced and older veterans of the tribe.

Their consistency in these tactics, their speed of organizing and executing the attack against their enemy, was the reason behind the victory in 1878 against Britains, who possessed with advanced military weaponries. 

Anglo-Zulu battle of Isandlwana

This battle of Zulu Impi’s against British invaders may remind you the intrusion of westerns in to Wakanda for vibranium in Black Panther movie. Although the Wakandan’s have achieved heavy technological advancements possesed with their own vibranium body armours, shields and weapons, the real world Zulu worriers only had a spear, a club and a cow hide shield. 

Nevertheless their heroism and confidence surpass all those shortages, where they faced bravely with out considering whether it is a native sphere or European bullet.  

Zulu Impi

At last we can conclude that creators of Wakanda and Black Panther may have inspired the heroism and even the skill in melee attacks of Zulu nation for their creations.


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