Free guy is the Rayan Renolds most recent movie, where he co-produce and cast the main character as well.  

Free guy cover

FREE GUY is worth going to see because it is one of the few quality films right now that increases one’s faith in human nature”

The above quote from imdb reviewer replicates the whole story of the movie in a gist, where game oriented back ground player named “Guy” decides to discover his free will when he met the right person. 

In depth free guy represent the, way how the game developer “Keys” aka Walter  McKey(Joe Keery) used to tell his hidden love to his co-game producer “Millie” aka Millie Rusk(Jodie Comer).

The movie is filled with mix feelings, where Rayan Renolds didn’t forget to bring us extreme humor, Most importantly inspired by his biggest play ground, Marvel Cinema & MCU. 

Events inspire from MCU

Guy & Dude’s Fight Vs Cap & Bucky’s fight

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In this scene, free guy uses the captain America’s Shield to avoid Dude’s punch, as if Cap used to avoid bucky’s bio-arm punch in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Not only that, Dudes “Death blow” looks similar to that of Bucky’s or Hulk’s punch. Even the Cap’s title tune plays in the back ground. 

Guy using Hulk’s arm to punch back Dude

Guy's Hulk arm

During the same fight mentioned above, Guy is using Hulk’s arm to punch back Dude.

The Guy opening fire Portals

Guys fire portal Effect

During fight with the “Dude”, guy opens a fire portal to strike Dude back, as if Docter Strange does. 

One of the biggest cameo form MCU in this movie is the reaction of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to the fight between the Guy & the Dude. 

Captain reacts to free guy

Instead of these, the free Guy has taken number of references from Hollywood’s biggest  busters as well as from well popular video games like Fortnite and Half life & Star Wars as well.  

free guy Vs half life
free guy wielding lightsaber

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