Do Miracles Happen?

In the times where you never thought of, amazing, miraculous, marvelous but mysterious things happen…. I think, no one lives in this millennium would think or believe in such things…. even I would say “am I dumb enough” to believe them neither do you…

Although, haven’t you ever felt or faced the situations where our brain & mind collapse, in other words the things that amaze us that happens in a time where we never thought of it…. that is simply a miracle.

If you think freely, you may find at least one or two such events. For further clarity, haven’t you ever heard people saying, OH God I’ve never thought such thing happen, I’ve never expected it, people convey their feelings in such ways when miracle or unexpected thing happens.

So My friends,Yes the Miracles Happen.

Haven't you fell it?

There may be harder times in your life, where you think of hiding or even withdraw from your life, but in a blink of a time something amazing happens & your whole life change. In a such situation the only answer is the Miracle.

In the time where your broken down to bits & have no option, haven’t seen the miracles…

When you passed an exam that you never would be, when someone whom you think may not call you ever did so, when you fall in love with a total stranger or managing a happy family life with a one you not interested with,

so haven’t you think,

Haven’t you feel,

 and Haven’t you seen the Miracles??

Yes, I do…

Though, in a society which succeed with logical & scientific thinking, does not believe in miracles; haven’t you found, the hidden rs.100/= in your purse at the most crucial moment where you forget to bring any other money?

moments, where you’re broken & lost but someone never expected support you to regain your life, your mind force you to believe ‘’Miracles happen dude”.

Historical miracles

However, we never can neglect the fact that behind these miracles, in most cases there’s always a great commitment, dedication & strong enthusiasm towards a certain goal.

For Example:-

  1. Former USA presidents Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln who succeed in their carriers had to have a great dedication.
Barack Obama | White House
Ways you can Lead like Abraham Lincoln

  2. The greatest physicist of the century, Albert Einstein was even expelled from the class considering him as a dumb student.


 3. JK Rowling, creator of the Most sold book series of the world “Harry Potter “was a depressed single mother who rejected by number of publications.


But at one point of their life the Miracle Happens, making their life Up & Down.

Have faith my friends

 “Even to miracles happen, you have to have strong enthusiasm & dedication.” One who do nothing would never ever see a sign of a miracle.

But My Friend,

In the times,

 you are broken deep down,

 lost in the life,

 try to withdraw from the life,

wait for a while…. course even today Miracles Happen


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