Marvel Black Panther

A leader who unconditionally loved his people and kingdom.Black Panther, the sworn warrior to protect their traditional knowledge and its deepest secrets.

Black Panther can be considered as a character infused with all these motives. Most importantly it was the most remarkable inauguration of a Black Super Hero to the MCU history.

The breakthrough performance of Chadwick Boseman  under the direction of Ryan Coogler has led to the embracing of huge fan base around this character as well as the movie.

However the passing of Boseman would never be replaceable for this character. Thus the producers has announced they won’t bring back Boseman with CGI. Nevertheless they have included a tribute in Marvels opening logo video as honor to this great actor.

If you haven’t watched this  adventurous, thrilling action play with a smoothly woven cultural and political significance, watch it right now.


The production of Black Panther II has already scheduled & lets wait for the new dawn of Wakanda in near future.

Update :- The Black Panther II movie got it’s Title as Wakanda Forever & will be released on 8th July 2022.

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