Manike Mage Hithe – Manike’s love story

Lyrical meaning and story according to the original music video In the previous article, we have acknowledged you about the origin and original artists of...

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Why “Primer” Is The Most Cerebral Time Travel Movie of All Time | Taste Of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists

Is PRIMER-2004 the precursor of TENET?

The "TENET" and the movie referred in here, a low-fi time travel classic " Primer ", some nerdy reddit user went as far as...
Ishan Jayawardhana-fielding Jaya

Ishan Jayawardhana-The Next SL Cricket Star.

Ishan Jayawardhana M.D. Ishan Dulanjaya Jayawardhana (born 05 November 1993) is a country level cricketer and the head cricket coach of Ruwanwella Royal College, Sri...
T'Challa What if Starlord Peter Quill Guardians of the galaxy

Why T’Challa is better than Peter Quill as the Star lord?

Second episode of the Disney's What if?... was dedicated to the late actor Chadwick Bosman who played the character of Wakandan price T'Challa aka...
Yohani's "Manike Mage Hithe ;: The Sri Lankan song

Real Story and Artists behind Yohani’s Manike Mage Hithe

Sri Lanka's rising star, Yohani's "Manika Mage Hithe" has already achieved a huge popularity through out the world, considering no border or limit. do you...


With the failed attempt to be the next Captain America, John F.Walker is going to  conquer MCU as the Dark avenger or as the...

Mortal Kombat -Battle For the Earth Realm

Mortal Kombat Universe was a creation of Ancient Gods. It was created as a combination of 15 Realms. The Fifteen Realms. Earthrealm Out world Zaterra ...
Coherence movie review (2014)

Coherence – A movie to watch

Coherence, a brilliant lo-fi sci-fi horror indie classic, the brainchild of the seasoned story board artist and first time director James Ward Byrkit just...

Kong Vs Zilla – The Most Anticipated Movie Of 2021

 The Origin of the clash between Kong & Godzilla dated to 1960's.However the latest franchise begins as a collaboration of Warner Brothers & Legendary...
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