Why the Facebook servers are down?

Will it be the biggest server failure of Facebook? The main three social media platforms under the Facebook company has faced severe global network failure...

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Eternals trailer

ETERNALS Just One month to go

Eternals latest trailer is out there There is only one month to go guys. Counting days till 5th of November... 😀 😀 Stay tuned with us for...

Tesla-The Boy Born From Lightning

Do you know Thomas Alva Edison?? Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla??? If the answer for 1st one is “Yes” & 2nd is “No”, Then this...


With the failed attempt to be the next Captain America, John F.Walker is going to  conquer MCU as the Dark avenger or as the...
"Marvels “What If” Poster Leak Teases “Guardians Of The Multiverse” On Disney Plus"

Does What If?… Episode 3 unleash “Guardians of the Multiverse?

Spoiler alert: The third episode of Disney's latest animated series, would be the most shocking episode of the series so far, which resembles the...

The Man Who Created WW | Movie Marathon

"She is pretty, mischievous, kind & very innocent.....But you , you are brilliant, fierce, humorous & a total bitch. When both of you are...
What should know before House of The Dragons

What should know before watching “House of Dragons”

House of Dragons, the prequel of the 2011's cinematic TV series franchise "Game of Thrones" is heading its way from 21st of August winding...
Tony Leung as the Mandarin in Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi -The Spark of the Kung-Fu World

The Supreme Martial Artist History Although we have met several Asian worriers in MCU history, yet we haven't met it's supreme Kung-fu master. This worrier is non...
Vesak Festive, little engineer

The little engineer and the story of Flasher Drum

Vesak festival is the most enlightened religious festival celebrated by the World wide Buddhists. Out of the all these nations who celebrate this festival,...
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